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Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests – What’s the Difference?

Vulnerability assessment involves running a series of multiple tests, against defined websites, web applications, IP addresses and ranges, using a known list of vulnerabilities. Penetration testing is a testing method which involves replicating a specific type of attack that might be carried out by a hacker. Vulnerability assessments help to detect vulnerabilities across the whole [...]

2018-09-20T06:31:17+00:0020th September, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Benefits of Penetration Tests to Your Organization

Cyber-attacks are turning out to be a norm these days. These attacks may have an effect on the IT infrastructure of your organization to an exceptional extent. Hence, it gets important for your organization to have out systematic penetration testing and vulnerability scans to detect vulnerabilities and make specific that the cyber controls are working. [...]

2018-03-12T11:54:16+00:0012th March, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|