Building a Better Virtual Sequence with Portable Stimulus

When using the UVM, sequences are the primary mechanism by which stimulus is generated in the testbench.Portable stimulus can create virtual sequences easier, increase the verification value achieved by running these virtual sequences, and enable more reuse of the description used to create the virtual sequence. This article shows how portable stimulus applies to creating [...]

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Total Value of a Portable Stimulus Standard

The creation of the portable stimulus standard has raised several issues about the trade-offs between using an industry standard language and a domain-specific language. This article from Eda Café describes how the inclusion of C++ option provide you with a more powerful solution that fits your needs both today and in the future and that [...]

2018-10-12T05:36:09+00:0012th October, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

The Making of a Standard

The industry waits with bated breath for the Accellera board to approve the Portable Stimulus 1.0 specification. It has been a long and arduous process over the past four years to get to this point, a process that most people never get to experience. This article focuses on some of the difficulties associated with bringing [...]

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Portable stimulus smooths path to SW-driven verification, eliminates duplication

Taking a step-wise approach to verifying interactions between embedded processors and the IPs in the rest of the design saves time by finding bugs earlier in the verification process when they’re easiest to debug and correct.Portable stimulus allows high-quality tests to be generated from test intent that is described once and retargeted to multiple environments.This [...]

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Choosing a Format for the Portable Stimulus Specification

From the early days of the Accellera Portable Standards Working Group (PSWG), it was apparent that trying to satisfy a wide range of users with a single input format would be difficult. Hardware designers and block-level verification teams are used toconcepts such as constraints and biasing whilst most validation engineers using hardware platforms mainly write [...]

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System Functionality Includes Software

While a lot of information is produced to introduce and support individual verification techniques, methods for applying a variety of verification techniques in a complementary way are harder to come by. This article from EDA Café explores what was happening with portable stimulus and what new techniques we would have to learn and explains where [...]

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Developing Tests in Reverse with Portable Stimulus

Whether developing tests for software or hardware, test development seems to follow a pretty predictable process. Portable Stimulus brings some very powerful features to the table in raising the level of abstraction at which test intent can be captured. Because the description is declarative, a PSS description is very easy to reuse, shape, and customize [...]

2018-04-27T10:12:54+00:0017th January, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Getting Generic with Test Intent: Separating Test Intent from Design Details with Portable Stimulus

It’s typical to think about writing tests for a specific design. However, as the number of SoCs and SoC variants that a verification team is responsible for grows, creating tests that are specific to the design is becoming impractical. The emerging Accellera Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS) provides features that enable test writers to maintain a [...]

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Solution = Standard + Tool

Solutions are what users need and the existence of a standard gives them the assurance that models they create will be portable between tools. This article from EDA Café explores how the portable stimulus standard creates a level playing field on which vendors can create tools that provide solutions. Read More Find out how T&VS [...]

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