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Point of Sale Security breaches: Who finds them, how, and when?

POS Security Testing

By: Declan O’Riordan, Head of Security Testing, TVS

Breaches usually involve the theft of one or more of the following types of data: bank, personal, payment, credentials, or other confidential information. Financially-motivated criminals seek out data that is easily converted to cash, such as bank information and payment cards, while espionage groups target internal corporate data and trade secrets. Both groups also target authentication credentials for user impersonation.

Ten years ago, less than 75% of breaches led to data compromise within a day. Last year the rate had risen to over 90% and the trend is upward, meaning attackers are continuing to get quicker at succeeding. Unfortunately, the time to discovery within a day is almost flat-lined at around 20%, meaning most attacks have plenty of time to exploit their success. Continue reading