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System Functionality Includes Software

The application of portable stimulus has been an important point to discuss in the present market. PSS can help to improve the present verification methodology. But there is no definite answer for where to apply it. This article shows how PSS can be applied, what is happening with it and what new techniques to learn. [...]

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Creating SoC Integration Tests with Portable Stimulus and UVM Register Models

This article from Mentor Graphics explores how portable stimulus, via Accellera’s Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS), can leverage information captured in a register model to automate creation of block, subsystem, and SoC register-access tests. Read More Find out how T&VS portable stimulus specification addresses today industry verification challenges.

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Meet the demand for PSS and enhance your skills by referring PSS introduction videos from Cadence

PSS Introduction Videos from Cadence   If you are looking to learn PSS then these 3 videos from Cadence are a good starting point Accellera Portable Stimulus Standard Introduction and Demo; Part 1 of 3 – Introduction Accellera Portable Stimulus Standard Introduction and Demo; Part 2 of 3 – The Demo Accellera Portable Stimulus Standard [...]

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PSS Introduction Materials from Accellera

  If you are looking to learn PSS then these materials from Accellera are a good starting point The PSS draft standard 3 videos on this site from Accellera Technical Tutorial: "Creating Portable Stimulus Models with the Upcoming Accellera Standard" but they do require registration Don’t forget to join the LinkedIn PSS Group

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Make Your Constraints More Dynamic with Portable Stimulus

Accellera’ s Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS) introduces some new constraint capabilities, in addition to supporting the capabilities that are familiar with in SystemVerilog. This article provides a guided tour of one of these new constraint features, along with examples that highlight their benefits and outlines how to make your constraints more dynamic using portable stimulus. [...]

2018-04-27T09:36:07+00:0022nd March, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

How to develop tests in reverse with portable stimulus

Whether developing tests for software or hardware, test development seems to follow a pretty predictable process. Portable Stimulus brings some very powerful features to the table in raising the level of abstraction at which test intent can be captured. Because the description is declarative, a PSS description is very easy to reuse, shape, and customize [...]

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