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IoT: The ransomware threat, How IoT could usher in the net wave of ransomware, and how to prevent it

IoT's integration into the world of business, along with the evolution of ransomware, creates the perfect storm for a cybersecurity arms race. IoT ushers in a raft of new network-connected devices, each one a potential entry point for malicious attacks, particularly when there is still a lack of established security standards around IoT. This article [...]

Cyber-Attack on UK Parliament

Friday 23rd June saw a sustained cyber-attack against the UK parliament where up to 90 email accounts were hacked. The incidentgave rise to blackmail fears after hackers tried to break in to the accounts of MPs by searching for weak passwords.Reports suggest the houses of common Wi-Fi password is commonly known and that a worker [...]

Top 4 Takeaways for Guarding Against Ransomware Attacks After WannaCry

The ransomware attack is holding computer systems hostage worldwide. This article describes the best practices that you can use to detect and fight ransomware, including WannaCry and explains the tips which help to readdress the basics, after attacks such as WannaCry. Read More T&VS Security services are offering top 3 recommendations to ensure you and your organizations [...]

WannaCry Aftermath: Is IoT Ransomware in Our Future?

The recent WannaCry ransomware virus has made a big splash by attacking PCs in multiple countries is now serving as a wakeup call about the looming risk of IoT ransomware. The lack of built-in security features makes the IoT solutions vulnerable to a variety of emerging and targeted security attacks. This article explains why IoT [...]

Ransomware and the Internet of Things

IoT devices offer a potential growth bed to any ransomware operation because the devices are interconnected by design and many pointedly lack any form of security. This article describes the guidelines and practices that help organizations and manufacturers improve their defences against IoT ransomware. Read More Learn more about how T&VS IoT certification process can [...]

WannaCry Ransomware: Who It Affected and Why It Matters

WannaCry ransomware had spread so quickly and in such a way that not only the tech and business industries were affected, but even healthcare providers and average citizens found themselves completely locked out of their own computers and files. This article from DZone describes how was this ransomware stopped and why does WannaCry matter to [...]