Regression Testing VS. Functional Testing

Regression testing is done to find the smallest defects which could have caused the failure. It is done on a build which is released for its existing functionality testing. Functional testing is that test which validates the functionality of the software. This article shows how different is regression testing from functional testing. Read More Find [...]

2018-06-21T07:21:25+00:00 21st June, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Regression Testing: Challenges and Best Practices

Regression testing plays a very important role in ensuring the product safety whenever the product is updated. This testing also ensures that previously developed and tested software performs the same way even after it is updated or merged with another software. This article describes what are the challenges and best practises of regression testing. Read [...]

2018-06-18T09:28:09+00:00 18th June, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Ways to Manage Regression Testing Challenges Effectively

Regression testing means we develop an application and test it to check whether its functions are working fine. This article highlights the challenges that most companies and their testers are facing during the planning and executing the regression tests and outlines how to manage regression testing effectively. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing [...]

2018-02-06T10:01:57+00:00 6th February, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

The Problem with How We Do Regression Testing

Current approaches to automated UI testing are broken because regression testing is not testing; regression testing is version control of the behaviour of the system. The regression test ensures that, after a change to the software, the unchanged parts still work the same as before. This realization fixes many common problems and makes creating and [...]

2017-11-16T05:26:21+00:00 16th November, 2017|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Regression Testing: Strategy, Framework, and Best Practices

Regression testing involves testing the unchanged parts of an app again and again. It ensures that the previous functionality of an application is working as intended and the new feature that has been added doesn’t introduce any new bug or error. This is basically a process of verification. This article highlights the steps towards creating [...]

2017-11-07T10:32:02+00:00 7th November, 2017|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Ways to optimize Regression Testing

Testing was often a one-off event that happened at the end of a project before it was delivered into production. However, with the inception of Agile test management platforms, testing has become more engaged throughout the software development lifecycle. Thus, regression testing has taken center stage to ensure that developed features continue to function properly after the program [...]

2017-04-07T06:01:35+00:00 7th April, 2017|Blog, Thought Leadership|

What is Regression testing? When it is appropriate?

Regression testing is a form of software testing that confirms or denies the functionality of software components after changes to a system. This article explores what regression testing is and where it’s most commonly implemented, and examine why exploratory testing should also be considered a key component in any proper regression testing methodology. Read More

2017-03-22T06:15:37+00:00 22nd March, 2017|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Solving the top Automated Regression testing issues

Automated Regression Testing is the testing area where we can automate most of the testing efforts. This article from DZone explores how to solve and manage the issues such as, incomplete regression test plans, and communication breakdowns ensuring that it helps to quickly identify the unintentional and unattended faults that have occurred during the software [...]

2017-03-01T06:20:05+00:00 1st March, 2017|Blog, Thought Leadership|

How is Regression testing performed? Can it be done manually?

In many cases, regression testing is best handled through the use of automated testing because of the tedious and simple nature of the testing. But when it comes to regression testing, there are times when test automation is less efficient than manual testing. This article outlines what proportion of regression testing involves in manual testing. [...]

2017-02-16T06:28:01+00:00 16th February, 2017|Blog, Thought Leadership|

How to make your regression testing more effective

Whenever developers change or modify their software, even a small tweak can have unexpected consequences. Regression testing is a testing the existing software application to make sure that the change or addition hasn’t broken any existing functionality. This article from DZone describes when to perform regression testing and outlines how to overcome the challenges while [...]

2017-02-07T06:29:16+00:00 7th February, 2017|Blog, Thought Leadership|
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