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TVS add Code Vulnerability Inspections to increase confidence in Application Security

Even when developers are following secure design principles and secure coding guidelines, mistakes are made. It is therefore recommended to perform automated code vulnerability scanning using a range of tools. The reports from these tools provide guidance on where vulnerabilities are most likely to exist. This automated tool approach should be complemented with human expert [...]

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DVCon Call for papers Deadline Extended

DVCon Europe has announced an extension on the Call for Papers to 11th  May 2015. After a very successful launch conference in 2014 the conference returns again to Munich in November 2015. Papers for the conference should be in one of the following 4 topic areas: System-level design IP reuse and design automation Verification & [...]

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TVS and ESS announce strategic partnership to provide a complete security solution

PRESS RELEASE Bristol, UK, 16 March 2015 –TVS, a leader in software test and hardware verification solutions, and Embedded Security Solutions, a specialist embedded security consultancy, today announced a strategic partnership to provide asureSECURE a complete security solution from hardened SoC to software applications. For hardware, TVS brings to the partnership its proven expertise in verification [...]

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Why ISO 27001 only sets the floor on cybersecurity?

We will highlight how compliance with standards such as ISO 27001 only sets a floor, not a ceiling on security. Everyone in modern organisations, including the executives, now need at least a basic understanding of cyber security to ensure their responsibilities are being discharged in good faith. We can win this struggle, but we have [...]

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Perimeter Defences are not sufficient for building secure applications

The paradigm of perimeter (network-centric) defence is now unable to keep up with malicious innovations that target the web applications, and that method of protecting assets is approaching a technical dead-end. Even if you double spending on perimeter defence, only a small increase in security would be achieved, and the return on investment would be [...]

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Are your Web Apps secure?

Internet security is an area that is not well understood, even by many of your IT staff. This is a golden age for hackers, with breaches increasing at a tremendous rate according to the latest Verizon report. Find out how to protect your business Register for a free Web Application Security briefing here.

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T&VS wins a place on the UK Government G-Cloud framework

PRESS RELEASE Bristol, UK, 10 February 2015 –T&VS, a leader in software test and hardware verification solutions, today announced it has been awarded a place on the UK Government's G-Cloud 6 framework, providing public sector bodies with an easy and cost-effective route to engage with the company. T&VS will be offering software test and verification services, [...]

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Are your Web Apps secure?

This talk will use real-life case studies, including a $1 billion breach that cost the CIO and CEO their jobs, and what happens when businesses refuse to pay ransoms to criminal hackers that have taken control of supposedly secure systems. Register for a free Web Application Security briefing here.

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Find out if your web apps are secure

If your company writes or uses software connected to the internet then this briefing will inform you of the security threats you face, your responsibilities in respect of those threats and give practical suggestions on how to discharge those responsibilities effectively Register for a free Web Application Security briefing here.

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