Everything You Need to Know About Penetration Testing

During a penetration test, highly skilled cybersecurity professionals assume the role of attacker and try to break into an organization’s network. Penetration testing is designed to examine security defences and looks for any defects in the network or applications. Technical assessments are also used to detect vulnerabilities and take proactive steps to address the problems. This article [...]

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Changing Security Landscape of IoT Devices

Today, all the companies have shifted from traditional mobile devices to complicated connected devices. To reach the maximum usage of IoT, security challenges of IoT should be addressed. Cyberattacks can cause a fatal consequence for business continuity. If all the devices are compromised, then it will definitely affect the business. This article discusses how security [...]

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Eliminate the IoT security blind spot

The growth of internet of things has led to rapid increase in the devices which must be secured. When people use IoT devices with ease, it is not that easy to secure these devices. The devices, which are out of control, continues to grow and along with it risk also increases. Increased usage of IoT [...]

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5 Tips to Secure IoT

The usage of IoT devices in daily lives has grown swiftly. The devices are used in our homes as well as in our offices. This has increased the demand for security of IoT devices. The technology should do the job perfectly without losing any personal data. This article elaborates what are the basic tips to [...]

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6 Reasons You Need to Invest in Penetration Testing for 2018

Penetration testing helps to identify vulnerabilities quickly and improve the quality of products. As hackers are getting more sophisticated, the companies should ensure that their products are secured properly. To secure the product, one of the best tools used is penetration testing. This article explains why to invest in penetration testing. Read More Understand how [...]

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Why IoT Security & Privacy is Crucial

Connecting various digital devices in IoT systems is always vulnerable from security and privacy aspects. If data within IoT is not secured properly, it puts the organization’s reputation in jeopardy. The IoT is not a conventional IT system and this makes it harder to secure. This article focuses on why it’s a challenge to secure [...]

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IoT security: whose job is it anyway?

The term ‘Internet of Things’ has been in the market for nearly two decades. The most significant question asked in the market is whose responsibility is it to secure the billions of IoT devices. Day-by-day, IoT security has become more important and challenging. This article discusses about how relevant is IoT security and how to [...]

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