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Open-Source RISC-V Hardware And Security

Security systems can be protected by open source and improved. Any real security has to include simpler elements that protect the more complex systems. This article elaborates the advantages and limitations of a new instruction set architecture. Read More To help you deliver successful RISC-V based designs T&VS offer specific services that build on and extend the [...]

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Why it’s vital for digital-era businesses to think application security first

Coupled with fast-evolving threats often evading traditional defences, organizations have to mitigate prevalent threats with a security strategy that emphasizes applications first. This article elaborates the importance of application security in the digital-era. Read More Find how T&VS Application Security Services enable you to prevent breaches by protecting and securing your data against web attacks, and vulnerabilities.

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Enterprises growing need for web application firewalls in today’s threatened security landscape

Web security architects suggest that any effective web application security program needs multiple layers of defence. Multiple layers of web application security enable one system to prevent an attack missed by another layer of security. This article elaborates how important is web application security in today’s security landscape. Read More Find how T&VS Web Application Security Services enable you [...]

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Using threat models and risk assessments to define device security requirements

The proliferation of attacks against embedded systems is making designers realize that they need to do more to secure their products and ecosystems.This article describes the most common threats and suggests security measures to help prevent these attacks. Read More Find out how T&VS Verification services help to meet the challenging requirements with respect to [...]

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The challenges of Automotive Functional Safety Verification

Functional safety verification is one of the most critical issues for automobile development. Verification engineers developing an SoC for the automotive market must show that it doesn’t have functional safety issues, even if the SoC enters an unexpected state. Here’s the article from Tech Design Forum explains how to tackle the safety verification task ensuring [...]

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The Functional Safety imperative in Automotive design

The automotive industry has entered a period of rapid evolution that is changing the way cars are designed & provide a new and improved vehicle safety systems. However, these sophisticated systems require a fool-proof way to keep drivers safe, which is called functional safety. This article from Design Reuse explores why addressing the needs of [...]

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Compiling for Automotive Safety and Performance

This article from Electronic Design outlines how to build automotive software applications compliant with functional safety standards and describes why it is imperative to select a compiler that is tightly coupled to the hardware so that all safety and performance features can be exploited. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Penetration Testing

During a penetration test, highly skilled cybersecurity professionals assume the role of attacker and try to break into an organization’s network. Penetration testing is designed to examine security defences and looks for any defects in the network or applications. Technical assessments are also used to detect vulnerabilities and take proactive steps to address the problems. This article [...]

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Changing Security Landscape of IoT Devices

Today, all the companies have shifted from traditional mobile devices to complicated connected devices. To reach the maximum usage of IoT, security challenges of IoT should be addressed. Cyberattacks can cause a fatal consequence for business continuity. If all the devices are compromised, then it will definitely affect the business. This article discusses how security [...]

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Eliminate the IoT security blind spot

The growth of internet of things has led to rapid increase in the devices which must be secured. When people use IoT devices with ease, it is not that easy to secure these devices. The devices, which are out of control, continues to grow and along with it risk also increases. Increased usage of IoT [...]

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