Using IoT to Monitor Smart Cities

More than half of the world population stay in urban areas. It is also expected to rise in future. Now it has become a challenge to manage such cities with dense population. These concerns are addressed and managed with the help of advanced technologies giving rise to smart cities. This article discusses how IoT is [...]

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Needed: Smart and Secure Cities

Smart cities are an example for how technology can improve the quality of life. Now-a-days, most of the cities are applying IoT technologies in their regions. IoT helps to improve utilities, services and systems to enhance the livability quotient for the people living there. This article outlines how IoT can improve the standard of living [...]

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The Internet of Things is Making Smart Cities Happen

IoT technologies are increasingly making their way into smart city projects.Big towns are being turned into smart cities with the help of IoT benefits. IoT offers effective communications, convenience, efficiency and energy savings. The benefits of IoT are most effective when it is applied in infrastructure. This article explains how internet of things is helping [...]

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Creating Future-Proof Smart Cities with The IoT

The IoT holds the promise of deliver a number of benefits to local governments, cities and citizens by connecting important devices and applications to the internet. This article describes how to create future-proof smart cities with the IoT. Read More Find out how T&VS innovative solutions are helping cities to become smarter.

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IoT and Impact on Smart Cities

The dynamic growth of the IoT and Smart City create many challenges that call for insightful research, especially for the development of scalable, reliable, and efficient smart city based on IoT. With the help of a smart city, there is an enormous opportunity to modify the lives of people and improve the city operations and [...]

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How to drive the future of smart cities with IoT

The concept of smart cities has been around for nearly a decade. It’s always been about delivering better, and more efficient services at the level of government that has the closest connection to constituents’ daily lives. But it has gone through some dramatic twists and turns with the emergence of key enablers like the IoT. [...]

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Smart cities for a stronger, resilient future

Smart cities are the future, making it even more important for local governments to identify what is possible in their own cities. Implementing these smart technologies for a more comprehensive and holistic network is a step towards a more resilient future. This article describes how to efficiently build resilient smart city networks. Read More Find [...]

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How IoT Is Creating Modern, Smart Cities

The IoT has become increasingly pervasive in the context of smart cities, bringing together brilliant machines, advanced analytics, and people at work. This article examines how IoT is technology is creating the future smart cities and outlines how IoT is playing a key role in improving a range of everyday realities that come with modern [...]

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Driving the future of smart cities with IoT

The emergence of IoT technology is driving the development of smart cities in many booming metropolitan areas around the world. However, more and more cities are moving toward smart solutions that leverage IoT technologies. This article focuses on howwill smart cities and IoT improve our future and outlines the impact of smart cities with IoT on our daily lifestyle. Read [...]

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