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Challenges of Continuous Delivery and How to Overcome Them

A Continuous Delivery pipeline is all about getting high-quality software into production, or into the hands of users, as quickly as possible.Organizations are constantly looking to implement the newest and most efficient means of operation, but no project is without its difficulties. This is especially true in terms of the changing face of software development. With mobile devices becoming the main endpoint for many programs, continuous delivery has emerged as a top priority for agile environments.

However, there are numerous problems that can occur when implementing this trend, and it will be important to prepare for them. This article from Zephyr summarizes few of the biggest common challenges of continuous delivery and describes how to overcome them.

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Best Software Development Methodologies You Should Use

Software development methodologies play a vital part of developing the software. There are numerous software development platforms developed with huge versatilities and enormous benefits for both customers and programmers. However, whatever development takes place, the methodology will always be important.

This article explains the software development methodologies that will help you overwhelm complexity in software development. Read More

Why Automated Testing is necessary in every Software Development Phase

Consistency in testing can best occur through automation. To fulfill the requirement for incremental valuation of software development and release, automated testing performs crucial analysis of software quality.Test automation, once developed, can be repeated and quickly run to effectively analyze the functionality of software components.

This article from Zephyr outlines why test automation is highly more effective in assuring reliable software delivery.

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Why Is Estimating Software Testing Time So Difficult?

One of the key factors that determine the success of the software testing and development team is whether they are able to present the finished product in a timely manner. Estimation technique plays a vital role in the software development life cycle for the proper execution of task.  This article from Techwell describes the factors that significantly influence the ability to estimate testing time. Read More

Myths about Software Qualification and Certification

As the market pushes for higher-quality software, particularly in safety- and security-critical industries, software certification or qualification is becoming more mainstream.  The process of developing and verifying software needs to be formalized, repeatable, and measurable. This article describes why the misconceptions about quality-code development practices in the embedded-device and software-development lifecycle create a false sense of safety, security, and quality within the industry.

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