Generations of Test Automation Frameworks

There are different types of test automation frameworks and need to carefully pick one among them. To complete the process successfully, testers should know the exact requirements. Many organizations are not developing software with waterfall model and not using agile methodologies or combining continuous integration and continuous deployment. This article elaborates how test automation frameworks have [...]

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The Problems with Modern QA and Test Automation

Automated testing is now at the heart of any modern software development process.Its purpose is to help deliver high-quality software on a repeatable basis. This article discusses about how to tackle problems in modern QA and test automation. Read More Find how T&VS Test Automation Services enables organisations to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of their software testing.

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How to Improve Test Automation

Automated Testing is an important testing activity during the software development lifecycle because it can provide quick feedback to the team when a new feature has been developed.It also removes the burden from QA to repeatedly run regression tests. This article discusses how important is test automation and how it can be improved. Read More [...]

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Test Automation Strategy For Agile Projects

Automated Testing is one of the main activities involved in any agile development methodology. When continuous deployment applied, test automation becomes ever more important due to the quick feedback response that it provides to the development team about the health of the application. To get quick results, automation tests should be conducted continuously and in [...]

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Getting Your New Web Test Automation Up and Running

Test automation is not a new concept. There are numerous resources out there that discuss its pros and cons, as well as many different approaches to achieve successful test automation infrastructure. After considering many factors, API testing tool can be used for web automation testing as an analytics platform for reporting purposes. It answered majority [...]

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Get Started with Test Automation

There are certain things to be considered while implementing test automation such as which tool to use, how much of the process should be automated, how much time and effort should be invested in the initial stage, etc. In the initial stage, it is very difficult to evaluate automation tools within a specified time. Automation [...]

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Trust, but Verify: The Importance of Test Automation

In the present world, the importance of automation testing has increased. Automation testing helps to identify vulnerabilities more quickly and efficiently. Recently, most of the companies have started to automate their testing process. Companies trust test automation but still they need to verify. This article shows how to trust and verify test automation. Read More [...]

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Best Practices and Strategies for Test Automation

As software projects become more complex with teams working in different places across the globe on the same project, test methods are changing rapidly to support this way of work. In order to build a solid software test strategy its required to create an effective automated test to efficiently mitigate risk and reduce release cycles. [...]

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4 Major Challenges Faced While Testing a Mobile Application and the Importance of Test Automation

Smartphones have become a necessity nowadays and are it is important for the retailers to create an omnichannel strategy. This article describes how mobile test automation helps in accelerating the delivery process of high-quality apps, ensuring that each component delivers optimum performance. Read More Find how T&VS Test Automation Services enables organisations to increase the [...]

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Top 13 Myths Surrounding Software Testing

Software testing is a process of executing a program to identify/detect bugs in a software program. While it is true that software testing forms to be the most crucial step in ensuring the delivery of superb quality product, the process is also surrounded by many myths. This article explores the different myths surrounding software testing which helps [...]

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