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Improving Performance and Verification of a System Through an Intelligent Testbench

The need for intelligent verification is the outcome of a two decade long pre-silicon verification process. Intelligent testbench automation, which is a supplement of intelligent verification, is a step closer towards achieving more confidence in design with minimal engineering effort. Applications today demand diverse functionality, which results in very complex designs. A unique approach is [...]

2016-12-07T05:12:38+00:007th December, 2016|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Future of Verification lies in Portable Test Benches

Today’s chip verification process needs to be abstracted from the underline verification engines. This article envisioned significant productivity improvements by bringing together all of these individual engines from virtual prototype, formal verification, simulation, emulation to FPGA prototyping. Read More Find out how T&VS VerificationIP services helps to address the challenges of verification methodologies.

2016-05-02T06:42:02+00:002nd May, 2016|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Evolution of Test Bench

A test bench or testing workbench is an environment used to verify the correctness of a design. In a pursuit to double the transistors periodically, the design representation has experienced a shift from transistors to synthesizable models. As a by-product of this evolution, ensuring functional correctness became an ever growing unbounded problem. This article from Anysilicon describes how the evolution [...]

2016-04-22T02:13:08+00:0022nd April, 2016|Blog, Thought Leadership|