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Four Common Mistakes That Make Automated Testing More Difficult

Automated testing can make your life easier, but only if done properly. It is an essential step in the development process. Unfortunately, writing automated tests is often skipped because it’s difficult or there is a high maintenance cost associated with the tests written. Many of the difficulties of writing and maintaining tests can be traced back to a handful of common coding mistakes. This article examines these mistakes, how they negatively impact testing, and offers tips on how to resolve them.

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Performance Testing – Types, Stages, and Advantages

Software performance testing is type of testing perform to determine the performance of system to major the measure, validate or verify quality attributes of the system like responsiveness, speed, scalability, stability under variety of load conditions. This article explores its various types, stages and outlines when should performance testing be performed.

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The categorization of Types of Software Testing

Testing is a vital part of software improvement. Several types of software testing are performed to accomplish different targets when testing a software product application.If testing is efficiently done, it will expel all of the defects from the software product. This article summarizes the various types of software testing and describes their usage types which continue changing as and when the project, necessities, and degree changes.

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Testing for Security

Security testing has become a critical part of an organization’s development strategy. This is due to the increase in the number of privacy breaches that organizations are facing today.The number and type of attack vectors are increasing as more of the world becomes connected and vulnerable to hackers.

This article explores why organizations need to integrate security testing to their application development lifecycle which ensures that your applications are properly tested for security vulnerabilities.

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IoT Testing: How to Overcome 5 Big Challenges

While the IoT brings a new level of complexity to performance monitoring and testing, testers must adapt to new platforms and techniques to ensure that they are able to address the challenges of testing IoT devices and applications to deliver the best experience to the end user.

This article from TechBeacon outlines why it is essential that the continuous testing is done at the earlier stage of the SDLC in order to overcome the challenges of security threats.

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Optimizing Testing: Moving Faster without Compromising Quality

At some point as a software tester, you’ve probably been put under pressure to reduce the amount of time taken for testing, without compromising product quality of course.

Tariq King, Manager of Software Engineering at Ultimate Software, explores how to optimize your test strategy in order to reduce the time spent on testing while maintaining test coverage and product quality.

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Modern Application Performance Testing

Everyone agrees application performance matters. In order to understand if performance matches needs, testing is a necessity. While there are many areas that help define testing parameters, three overarching testing concepts must be addressed in order to provide appropriate performance for modern applications: users, data and environment.

By focusing on these concepts, testing can be improved in order to provide applications that meet the needs of modern business users.

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