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Addressing SRAM Verification Challenges

Verification is the most critically important part of SRAM compiler development. Delivering low power SRAM solutions further exacerbates the challenges as near-threshold operation compounds multiple issues and increases the effects of process variation. This article highlights some of the methodologies and tools that meet the challenges in a robust, practical, and timely manner. Read More [...]

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Next Generation Memory Technologies: Ready to take Verification Challenges?

Advancement in memory technologies and the demand for faster and higher density configuration leaves verification engineers in a limbo. This article from Synopsys describes how the memory world is debating the next wave of memory protocols and technologies such as next generation DDR, HBM, and NVDIMM. Read More Find out how T&VS helps customer in [...]

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System-Level Verification Tackles New Role- Part 3

This article from Semiengineering captures the conversation between Cadence, Breker and Mentor Graphics on the advances in system-level verification and outlines how portable stimulus tackles the challenges of coverage and automotive reliability. Read More Find out how T&VS address the challenges of system-level verification methodologies.

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The Past and Future of Verification

This article from Cadence describes how the verification methodologies have been growing faster through the ages from Verification 0.0 to Verification 3.0. Additionally, this article also describes why security and functional safety will become a major area requiring verification in future. Read More Learn more about how T&VS VerificationIP Services helps to address the challenges [...]

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Test and Verification Solutions (T&VS) opens its First Business office in Japan and Third in APAC Region.

Kanagawa, Japan, 4 March 2016-Test and Verification Solutions(T&VS), a leader in software test and hardware verification solutions, today announced that it is opening a new office in Kanagawa, Japan.Underscoring a long-term commitment to service its local customers and partners, T&VS provides near shore presence inquality legal representation and dedicated to maintaining & expanding its capabilities [...]

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Easing the use of APIs for Verification IP stimuli

Stimulus generation is an important aspect of verification for creating both simple and the complex scenarios used to hit functional bugs in a design. This article from Tech Design outlines how to leverage a simple, standardized approach to describe generic and reusable stimulus sequences for verification IP. Read More Learn more about T&VS VIP

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The 7 levels of IP verification

The quality of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) is a major issue for design teams utilizing third-party sources for portions of their SoCs. Quality is even more critical for highly configurable types of IP. This article from EDN describes seven levels of IP verification to obtain sufficient quality throughout the entire SoC life cycle. Read More

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How a Cache Controller and Generic APIs Can Make It Easier to Generate Stimulus

This article from Mentor Graphics lists and describes VIP master APIs that could be reused to generate stimulus on a cache coherent interface without worrying about accessing the cache model and other testbench objects that are typically needed to know about transaction attributes. Instruction level read/ write and coherency APIs make it easy to write [...]

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Improving Validation Test Suite with System-Level, Coverage-Driven Verification

To measure the coverage of the validation test suite for the automotive products, the memory map coverage approach wasn’t adequate. This article from Cadence outlines how to improve the validation test suite with system level coverage driven verification by using the native coverage support of the Palladium XP platform that scores a different types of [...]

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