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Why Small Businesses Need to Take Web Security Seriously

There was a time when hackers used old technology against new systems, which became a hurdle for them. Today, their ways are more sophisticated, and stealthier. Any business, no matter its size, can catch a hacker’s eye. This article elaborates why small businesses should consider web security seriously. Read More Find how T&VS Web Application Security Services [...]

2018-12-24T05:56:20+00:0024th December, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Why Web Security is Important

In the age of the internet, you simply cannot afford to do business without being online and keeping your website secure is a must.Web sites are unfortunately prone to security risks. And so are any networks to which web servers are connected. This article examines about the importance of web security and describes the reasons [...]

2018-04-05T07:19:08+00:005th April, 2018|Blog, Thought Leadership|

TVS adds asureSECURE application security services

PRESS RELEASE Bristol, UK, 14 August 2014 – TVS, a leader in software test and hardware verification solutions, today announced a strategic expansion in its services with the addition of a new application security business arm. asureSECURE™ will provide consultancy, coaching and testing services that address the need for developing security aware applications that are [...]

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