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Digimakers – How to get children and teachers engaged in computing and technology

digimakers2The latest Digimakers event in Bristol once again saw a large group of young people having great fun with computing, something which can only help inspire the next generation of technical innovators and engineers.

For far too long Computing has been equated with IT which turns a lot of children away. Digimakers lets people see a whole new side of the subject by providing young people, their parents and their teachers with an opportunity to get directly involved in actually ‘making’ things in the digital world; through programming and hacking hardware.  Proving that there are more ways to have fun with technology than just posting social media updates and playing games.

The Digimaker series of events are free and are organised by the University of Bristol’s Faculty of Engineering together with the BCS (the Chartered Institute for IT) and At-Bristol.

To date they have encouraged well over 1,500 people from around the South West region of the UK to get involved.  Participants get to take part in hands-on workshops using cutting-edge technology such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Lego Mindstorms, game and application building tools as well as programming languages like Scratch, Python and Ruby on Rails.

mike-bartley-webAs local chair of the BSC and Chair of West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) High Tech Sector Group I know that our area has a huge number of local companies crying out for the kind of skills and creativity that these young people so ably demonstrate, and those jobs pay good salaries.  As a community we need to create a pipeline of talent for both our current employers and for new employers looking to locate here.  Helping to create our own local Silicon Valley or Silicon Gorge if you will!’

Digimakes does a great job to whet the appetite and encourage young people to explore the career opportunities on offer in the computing and electronics sectors. That has to be a good thing for our local industries and I encourage everyone interested to get involved.

Digimakers In Action

Additional Information

For information on the next event visit the Eventbrite Registration page or for general information follow Digimakers on Facebook or Twitter or contact: [email protected]


Multicore Challenge Conference – ‘From Chips to High Performance Computing’

The 2014 Multicore Challenge Conference will take place on 23 September 2014 at the UWE Conference Centre in Bristol and registration is open.  This year it has been selected as the flagship event for the “From Chips to High Performance Computing” and will have an interesting mix of presentations, tool demonstrations and sessions on Architectures, Languages and Multicore for Mobile.  There will be speakers from Infineon, Intel, Imagination Technologies to name but a few and Simon Knowles of Xmos providing one of the Keynotes.  Please book your place early as its set to be a popular event.
Tool Demonstration – do you have a tool that you would like to share with 300 delegates at the Multicore Challenge Conference?  It’s free to participate, if interested please contact Mike Bartley  with the details.

Intelligent Testing Conference Slides and Recordings Available

The slides and recordings from the second “Intelligent Testing” Conference are now available on our website.  You can listen to the keynote from Rolls Royce talking about using agile in embedded software development and static analysis plus many more:

  • Intelligent Testing in Complex Environments
  • Get Yourself Covered
  • Static Analysis – What, Why, Where, When, Who and How
  • Agile and CI for Embedded Software and Tool Development
  • Static Analysis and Formal Proof for Software Systems using the MALPAS Toolset
  • Virtual Platform Software Simulation for Enhanced Multi-core Software Verification
  • Harnessing Sophisticated Assertion Checking Through Runtime Testing

The presentations were informative and worth reviewing if you couldn’t attend the conference (or hearing again).