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Gaps in the Verification Flow

se_logoSemiconductor Engineering recently sat down to discuss the state of the functional verification flow with Stephen Bailey, director of emerging companies at Mentor Graphics; Anupam Bakshi, CEO of Agnisys; Mike Bartley, CEO of Test and Verification Solutions; Dave Kelf, vice president of marketing for OneSpin Solutions; and Mike Stellfox, a Cadence fellow.

Mike Bartley Founder & CEO, TVS

Mike Bartley
Founder & CEO, TVS

Follow the link below to find out how the full panel answered the two key questions.

  • Is the industry managing to keep up with the demands for functional verification or is verification becoming more difficult?
  • The largest change over the past 10 years appears to be that verification has moved from being a point tool to being a flow. That is a big deal to tool providers and to verification teams. Are we beginning to see more specialization?

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