Portable Stimulus Layer 3 : Test Randomization

Tom Anderson, VP of Marketing discussed various approaches of defining portable stimulus, which must include the capabilities of graphs to support randomization of the control flow. They noted their reservations about using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) alone and their reluctance to invent yet another new verification language just to define portable stimulus. They described how they have provided the industry’s leading portable test case solution by adding only a few small extensions to the standard C/C++ language.

They handle these extensions with a pre-processor so that no other tool needs to understand them, concluded by asking whether the test randomization step, which involves making constrained choices at select (branch) nodes in the graph, can also be handled with an API.

This article gives the answer of all aspects of portable stimulus layer 3 can be handled by API calls with no new language or language extensions.

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2015-06-12T05:59:48+00:00 12th June, 2015|Blog, Thought Leadership|
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