DVCon has been running in Silicon Valley since 1988 but is now going on the road, arriving in Munich, Germany on October 14th and 15th 2014, where it will receive a European makeover. In anticipation, I’ve talked to a number of key people involved to find out what the European slant on DVCon will be.

Accellera Systems Initiative is a sponsor of DVCon who provide design and verification standards including IP-XACT, SystemC, SystemVerilog, UPF, UCIS and UVM. This gives DVCon Europe a strong technical theme and thus a great place for engineers to network.

Stan Krolikoski of Cadence and past Chair of DVCon US likes the small intimate atmosphere of DVCon and explains, “Not everybody can come to Silicon Valley so we want to bring the DVCon to the users in Europe.”

Martin Barnasconi of NXP and General Chair of DVCon Europe explains, “The main theme is learning and sharing through a mix of tutorials, posters, papers and exhibits. DVCon Europe will have a very practical approach where application-specific problems are discussed.”

Oliver Bell of Intel Mobile Communications and DVCon Europe Vice Chair and Tutorial Chair gave a few specific topic examples: heterogeneous system level design, combining AMS [analogue mixed-signal] with hardware-software, and the system-of-systems that are typically part of the development of today’s highly complex electronics-based products.

As DVCon Europe Program Vice Chair I will also be speaking at the conference on
Requirements Driven Verification and Test. This technique is particularly useful for teams developing hardware and software to comply with standards such as ISO26262 for automotive, and DO178C/DO254 for avionics. However, I will show how RDVT can improve system development in general.  For more information on TVS at DVCon Europe, click here.

Hence, DVCon Europe will present a unique opportunity to network and learn from practicing design and verification engineers from across the community. The Accellera sponsored dinner will offer a further opportunity for networking with fellow engineers. Visit the DVCon Europe website to learn more and to register for the event.