Bryan Dickman

Bryan DickmanBryan Dickman has a BSc in Physics, and over 35 years of experience in the industry, with 22 years of leading engineering teams and engineering communities at Arm during an era of much advancement in design verification methodologies, technologies, and best practices. Bryan and T&VS worked together with the Arm engineering communities to develop and roll-out agreed shared best practices for both design verification and RTL design. Over the years, Bryan has lead small, medium and large engineering teams within the Arm CPU Division and the Technology Services Group which is responsible for delivering Arm’s Engineering Platforms. In recent years, Bryan built a team of data scientists and data engineers to lead an initiative to exploit Engineering’s vast data resources and drive valuable insights and improvements to critical workflows. Bryan now works as an independent consultant (Valytic Consulting Limited) and also in joint consulting ventures with T&VS Limited with a focus on analytics, verification, and engineering capability development. 

E-Mail: [email protected]