Somanatha Shetty

somanatha_pic-1Somanatha Shetty has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with specialization in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kuvempu University, Karnataka, India. He started his career writing application programs for Microcontroller based designs and he was introduced to the world of VLSI Design at SAMTEL where he was designing FPGA’s for their LCD based Display Systems.

He had to own the complete FPGA activities from specification to validation and confirmation of all features supported. This enabled him to understand the end to end Product development flow. His working experience at eInfochips exposed him to the ASIC Design Services Industry and also the Telecom Vertical where he played a key role in the development of SPI4.2 IP. While at GDA Technologies he worked with Customers like Fujitsu, Samsung, QCOM and IDT on various aspects of VLSI Services like RTL Design, FPGA Development, ASIC Implementation, Virtual Prototyping and RTL Verification. He also played the role of Project Leader at GDA where he played the role of mentoring junior engineers and also owning responsibility for all the technical deliverables.

He is a key member of T&VS Technical and Delivery team and performs the role of a Solutions Architect for all Key Customer Engagements related to the following regions USA, Europe and India. He has supported Customers like Avago, LGE, Micron, ST-Micro, Ericson etc. He has successfully built teams for the offshore programs and has handled end to end delivery management. He has worked on projects related to Advanced Memory Susbsytem, CPU and Cache Verification, Performance Modeling, Memory Integration and Implementation for 20nm Technology Libraries. Currently he is leading a team of 25 Engineers for large Offshore Program.