Larry Melling, Director of Product Management & Marketing for Perspec System Verifier, will be a speaker at the next European DVClub.

Larry suggests that while the bottom-up approach offered by UVM constrained random and coverage driven verification revolutionized IP and unit level testing, it doesn’t meet the requirements for SoC level Verification.

To fully address SoC-level verification, a solution needs to allow not only for vertical (IP to SoC) reuse and horizontal (cross-platform) reuse, but most importantly it must provide a way to capture and share use cases and deliver a top-down verification approach. By offering an abstract model-based approach Perspec not only enables capture of use cases, but through abstraction makes reuse and sharing of the use cases easy.

In summary the talk will cover

  • How to build abstract models to quickly capture use cases of complex multiprocessor SoCs
  • The ability to share use cases between domain experts (e.g. coherency and low power)
  • Leveraging abstract model for faster debug of complex use cases