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Formal fault analysis for ISO 26262 fault metrics on real world designs

Safety critical development processes, governed by standards such as ISO26262, include the use of fault correction components that protect the device against Random faults that occur naturally during operation. A methodology has evolved that makes use of fault simulation and formal techniques to establish the diagnostic coverage of safe faults, and detect dangerous faults. A [...]

6th December, 2017|Active Event, Blog, Events|

Methodologies for Rigorous Safety Verification

Autonomous driving is becoming real. Coming out of the realm of research, autonomous vehicles are now on roads around you. Safety of these vehicles is an important consideration in their design. How do you make sure that the vehicle is safe enough for you to put your loved ones in it? Ann Keffer, Product Management [...]

5th December, 2017|Active Event, Blog, Events|

Presentation Slides and Recordings of DVClub Europe – “Methodologies for Rigorous Safety Verification”, 28th November 2017 are now available!

T&VS organized a European DVClub on 28th November 2017 with a focus on “Methodologies for Rigorous Safety Verification”. Speakers were from Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Infineon, and One Spin Solutions and the presentations are now available on the T&VS website. Ann Keffer, Product Management Director, Cadence Design Systems Methodologies for Rigorous Safety Verification Jörg Große, Product [...]

4th December, 2017|Active Event, Blog, Events|

Verification Flow for ASIL Compliant Automotive SoCs

Functional safety features are an essential part of automotive system-on-chip development. ISO26262 standard dictates ASIC development process in safety applications like airbag control, electronic stability control. Deva Phanindra Kumar from Analog Devices, has recently spoke on how verification flows should be setup to meet stringent requirements of ISO26262 and covered the verification challenges in verifying [...]

29th November, 2017|Active Event, Blog, Events|

T&VS to present CAPRI & RoboPilot project updates at Autonomous Vehicle Software Symposium, June 2018

Join us at the Autonomous Vehicle Software Symposium (5-7 June, 2018 - Stuttgart, Germany) where T&VS will be presenting the latest research findings and progress from two Innovate UK funded projects;  CAPRI and RoboPilot. Both projects are looking at developing Autonomous Vehicles and in this talk T&VS will be specifically reporting on the latest research into [...]

29th November, 2017|Active Event, Events, Projects|

T&VS Presented ‘Dealing with Testing Debt in an Agile World’ at EuroSTAR 2017 Conference- Download the Presentation now!

At this year’s 25th annual EuroSTAR conference on software Testing (Copenhagen, Nov 6-9) T&VS Founder and CEO Dr. Mike Bartley has presented on how to deal with testing debt in an agile world. This paper outlines the main findings of the analysis and the main learnings from working with companies adopting agile and their choices [...]

22nd November, 2017|Active Event, Blog, Events|

T&VS to Present at AESIN 2017 on October 3, 2017 – The Premier UK Auto Electronics Conference

At this year's AESIN 2017 Conference (Automotive Electronic Systems Innovation Network) Dr. Mike Bartley, Founder and CEO of T&VS, will present the latest updates on the recently announced CAPRI Project - which brings together an experienced consortium of partners from industry, academia and local authorities to deliver a complete end to end POD (Pods on-demand) [...]

Can Formal Verification Help Make Robotic Assistants Trustworthy?

Dr Clare Dixon from the University of Liverpool to present keynote address at Formal Verification 2017 – sharing her experiences from the EPSRC-funded Trustworthy Robot Assistants project June 1st 2017,  Bristol, UK. - Test and Verification Solutions (T&VS) today announced details of the keynote presentation and the full program of technical presentations and panel discussion [...]

See T&VS at DAC 2017 – 18-22 June, Austin TX.

The Design Automation Conference (DAC) is the premier conference devoted to the design and automation of electronic systems (EDA), embedded systems and software (ESS), and  intellectual property (IP). DAC offers outstanding training, education, exhibits and superb networking opportunities for designers, researchers, tool developers and vendors. At this year's event Mike Bartley, founder and CEO of T&VS will [...]