The rising tide of opportunities for electronics in the automotive brings with it various technical hurdles not the least of which is ensuring system integrity. Consider for example ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) where the operating environments are so complex and so diverse that traditional approaches no longer scale.


T&VS to Present the Latest Verification Innovations at AESIN

Mike Bartley Founder & CEO, TVS

Mike Bartley
Founder & CEO, T&VS

At the AESIN 2015 Conference (Automotive Electronic Systems Innovation Network) Dr. Mike Bartley, Founder and CEO of T&VS, will show how well proven hardware verification methodologies such as Constrained Random Verification and Assertion-based Verification can be applied to the task of ensuring the integrity of complex automotive systems software.

During the presentation Mike will also highlight how the application of a Requirements-Driven Verification strategy and the use of the latest supporting tools such as asureSIGN can help ensure that the results of applying the methodologies outlined can be used for ISO26262 compliance.

Mike’s presentation takes place as part of the ADAS “Innovation Snapshot” track on day two of the conference from 2:00pm, Thursday 29 October.

Presentation Slides

The slides from the presentation are now available for download.

AESIN 2015 Conference Details

The AESIN annual conference provides insights into the latest thinking from industry leaders and champions and provides companies the opportunity to engage with UK programs that are driving the automotive revolution enabled by electronic systems.

  • AESIN 2015 Conference – Oct 28-29
  • National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, UK


aesin-logoAESIN was launched by NMI in the UK in 2012, in response to the explosion of Electronics in-car, which is approaching 50% of vehicle cost and where 80% of the innovation in-vehicle comes from electronics.

The automotive industry is in the midst of a revolution.  Jaguar Land Rover’s Michael Mychajluk Purchasing Risk Manager put it well when he said  “the car of tomorrow will make increasing use of sophisticated, highly integrated electronic systems for safety, comfort and performance.  here are many exciting areas of development enabled by electronic systems but this introduces a significant complexity issue which can only be addressed by a supply chain that works more effectively together. This presents us all with a once in a generation opportunity to streamline the process and accelerate innovation from R&D to on-the-road production vehicles”.   Source:

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