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Top 13 IoT trends to look for: ways IoT is shaping the world

From mobile communications to health care centers, IoT is seamlessly drafting each industry. The 2020s is the age for this application and currently, it is on a hot streak. Read More Understand how T&VS Penetration Testing services help you protect & defend against latest and future attacks and maintain compliance, eliminate IT security threats, & can [...]

What Is Inside an IoT Chip?

The Internet of Things (IoT) can exist with conventional microcontrollers and SoCs, but issues such as low power requirements and wireless support have pushed the development of platforms designed for IoT applications. Read More Find out how T&VS  IoT services help to build a foundation of trust, security and safety in the industrial IoT devices.

The Need For Traceability In Auto Chips

Traceability, the ability to have a unique ID for an electronic device, provides the foundation for connecting the data currently siloed at the individual manufacturing steps. Read More Find out how T&VS Hardware Verification services help to meet the challenging requirements with respect to performance, flexibility and verify today’s complex designs effectively.

Remote Agile- Anti-Patterns

Pretending that working remotely is the same as usual except for the video cameras. Read More Find out how T&VS software Testing services help you to establish a cost-effective software testing facility that delivers improved quality, reduces risks and time-to market.

The 14 pillars of a smart city

Cities and communities must craft approaches that simultaneously mitigate risk and maximise interconnectivity in order to realise benefits on a widespread scale. Read More Find out how T&VS IoT services help to build a foundation of trust, security and safety in the industrial IoT devices.

Chip-to-Chip Communication for Enterprise and Cloud

We see communication needs driven by massively parallel on-chip systems and chip-to-chip interfaces, the latter requirement is typically driven by the need to decompose a reticle-size chip into a series of smaller die for yield considerations. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification services help to address the challenges of delivering safe, secure and compliant [...]

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