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How to build a process around an application security tool

Every day, organizations roll out application security tools when they should be rolling out application security processes. By building a process around a tool, organizations are more likely to integrate the spirit of the process into their culture. This article elaborates on how to ensure application security tools are enablers rather than hurdles. Read More [...]

11th November, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

The Importance of Securing Industrial IoT Ecosystems

Today’s manufacturing industry faces a constant challenge of ensuring that design and manufacturing operations are secure, as an increasing number of cybersecurity threats continue to impact day-to-day business operations. This article explores the importance of securing Industrial IoT ecosystems. Read More Find out how T&VS IoT services help to build a foundation of trust, security, and safety in [...]

6th November, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Devs still struggle with app sec: 3 ways to get your team up to speed

The security features of web application frameworks are fairly complex, and correctly using code to implement security in an application is often difficult. This article elaborates how developers still struggle with application security. Read More Find how T&VS Application Security Services enable you to prevent breaches by protecting and securing your data against web attacks, and vulnerabilities.

4th November, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

6 Best Practices for Performing Physical Penetration Tests

Physical penetration tests are an excellent and often overlooked way to test an organization's security posture. However, they can come with serious consequences for testers if they aren't properly prepared.This article outlines why organizations need physical penetration testing services. Read More Understand how T&VS Penetration Testing services help you protect & defend against latest and future [...]

31st October, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

IoT device security: A path to standardization

Setting up an IoT device is a crucial step. Regarding the case of a consumer product, this process is expected to be done once when unpacking each of the purchased products. The main challenge for set up is that it must be both a seamless experience and a secure procedure. This article discusses about how [...]

22nd October, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

What are the benefits and challenges of cloud penetration testing?

Cloud penetration testing presents new challenges for information security teams.The cloud has radically changed many aspects of information security, but basic concepts still apply. This article outlines what are the benefits and challenges of cloud penetration testing. Read More Understand how T&VS Penetration Testing services help you protect & defend against latest and future attacks and maintain [...]

AV Safety as a Competitive Feature

The road to safe autonomous vehicles (AVs) has proven much tougher, and now looks a lot longer, than anyone in the AV industry anticipated just a few years ago.Some car OEMs have cleared a hurdle by making AVs that conform to functional safety and security standards. This article shows why safety shouldn’t be a competitive [...]

19th September, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

8 Benefits of Unit Testing

In computer programming, unit testing is a software testing method by which individual units of source code are tested to determine whether they are fit for use.Defects revealed by a unit test are easy to locate and relatively easy to repair. This article explains what are the major benefits of unit testing. Read More Find [...]

11th September, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Taking the Negativity out of Negative Testing

Everyone on the software team has the same goal of delivering the best product they can, so letting testers discover bugs is always good. But misconceptions often lead to testers getting the bad rap of breaking the software. Developers and stakeholders might call that negative testing, but the result is a better product. This article [...]

9th September, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|
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