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Application Security Has Nothing to Do With Luck

Security issues in applications have left so many feeling a little green, consumers now expect and demand security as a top priority. By adding application security early in the development cycle, developers can obtain critical feedback to resolve vulnerabilities in context when they first occur. This article elaborates how application security helps to resolve breaches. Read More [...]

2019-04-22T13:51:33+00:0022nd April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

How IoT Devices Are Accelerating The Smart Home Revolution In India

IoT has enabled the development of voice-activated assistants that are disrupting homes and enabling consumers to control multiple devices through voice-enabled technologies. This article elaborates how IoT technology accelerates the smart home revolution. Read More Learn more about how T&VS IoT services and solutions can ensure the smart home revolution is delivering safe, secure and compliant products.

2019-04-22T13:43:55+00:0022nd April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Building Bridges: A New DFT Paradigm

Just about every step of the IC tool flow generates some amount of data. But certain steps generate a mind-boggling amount of data, not all of which is of equal value. The challenge is figuring out what’s important for which parts of the design flow. This article elaborates different ways of collecting, analyzing and applying [...]

2019-04-19T11:37:31+00:0019th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Co-emulation for better IC testing

While IC design complexity increases, the amount of time allotted for designing ICs remains about the same. That compels engineers to accelerate all the processes involved. I’m a member of a team that recently ported to an emulation environment to make the test process faster and more effective. This article shows how co-emulation helps to [...]

2019-04-19T11:35:26+00:0019th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

How to Make Mobile Testing and Agile Meet?

The Agile methodology brings such evident benefits to mobile app development as a faster time to market, adjustability to changing requirements, and the frequent delivery of functioning subsystems. This article outlines how to combine mobile testing and agile together. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services help you to establish a cost-effective software testing facility [...]

2019-04-19T11:32:41+00:0019th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

How cloud-based testing can improve DevOps cycles

As organizations begin to fully embrace the DevOps way, the cloud enables everyone involved to work on the same code likewriting, testing, conducting quality assurance, deploying and updatingat the same time, regardless of physical location. This article shows how cloud testing helps to improve DevOps cycles. Read More Find out how T&VS Cloud Testing services help you [...]

2019-04-19T11:30:08+00:0019th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Penetration Testing to Keep Your Network Safe

Most IT professionals can only get through any given day on the assumption that their networks are protected against hackers.The only way to be sure network is really protected is to test it. This article outlines how penetration testing helps to keep a network safe. Read More Understand how T&VS Penetration Testingservices help you protect & defend [...]

2019-04-19T11:26:56+00:0019th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

The Long And Detailed Road To Automotive Compliance

Compliance with automotive safety requirements is slowing down both innovation and participation by a flurry of start-ups as the whole ecosystem struggles to bring autonomous vehicles to reality. This article shows how to attain automotive compliance successfully. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test solutions help to address the challenges of delivering safe, [...]

2019-04-19T11:24:45+00:0019th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

IoT for smarter cities: Lessons learned from around the globe

Facing rising citizen expectations and better public engagement, many cities and municipalities have recently introduced disruptive IoT projects to improve their vital services and their citizens’ quality of life. This article outlines how IoT technology helps to build smart cities. Read More Find out how T&VS innovative solutions are helping cities to become smarter.

2019-04-19T11:21:57+00:0019th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|