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Accelerate Your Early Design Recon

SoC designers’ challenges are not so much in facing the unavailability of proven design capture methodologies or IP’s that could satisfy their product requirements, but more so in orchestrating the integration of all those components to deliver the targeted functionalities and performances. This article shows how to accelerate the early designing of SoCs within a [...]

Visual UI or Functional Testing- Which One to Use and When?

As organizations started moving to automation for software testing, the test coverage for visual testing is often overlooked with automation because it doesn’t extend checks for visual components of a web app. This article shows the importance of functional and visual testing when performing web application testing. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services help [...]

Is Your Functional Safety An Afterthought?

With increased complexity in automotive electronics comes increased risks. The earlier the functional safety analysis in the design cycle is performed, the higher chance of identifying hotspots early and adding modifications to the design to meet the target ASIL. This article shows how to overcome complexity in automotive electronics by early functional safety analysis. Read [...]

The Challenges Associated with IoT Healthcare Implementation

IoT in healthcare can be incredibly helpful, but there are many challenges associated with IoT healthcare implementation. Healthcare facilities and app developers are currently coming together to learn more about the IoT. This article shows what are the major challenges faced during the implementation of IoT in healthcare. Read More Learn more about how T&VS IoT driven [...]

Optimize your database with duplicate data deletion

Today’s SoC designs consist of many blocks and libraries, created by many different teams and companies. All the data coming together has created massive, monolithic design databases that have been steadily increasing in size with each new node. This article explains how to find data duplications and eliminate unnecessary ones which help design teams to [...]

Continuous Testing for (a) DevOps World

Interest in continuous testing has been growing for five years now. Complicating the situation is the fact that Agile and DevOps are both driving the need for continuous testing, but both require distinctly different things from a quality perspective. This article explains how continuous testing became a significant requisite for the DevOps world. Read More [...]

How To Choose The Right Industrial IoT Platform For Smart Manufacturing

As a manufacturing company that is looking to leverage industrial IoT for smart manufacturing or AI-enabled connected asset offerings, there are a plethora of platform choices for the companies. Crafting the right platform strategy is a key consideration for a successful initiative. This article explains how to select the right Industrial IoT platform for smart manufacturing. [...]

How Many Test Miles Make A Vehicle Safe?

Simulation and test can improve safety, but that requires a standard framework and definitions. The road to reliable safety testing of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is shifting left. This article discusses about how to increase the reliability on autonomous vehicles (AVs) by effective safety testing. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test solutions help to [...]

6 Reasons Automation Projects Fail

No matter what the domain or company, there are some common problems that always tend to affect new automation projects. Keeping these pitfalls in mind will help to avoid them and instead build stable automation frameworks, making the endeavor a collaborative experience so that the whole team owns automation. This article discusses about what are [...]