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Bringing better security to mobile, automotive or IoT

Applications installed from untrusted sources make it very difficult to identify and stop potential security breaches. This article from Imagination Technologies outlines how to implement security for hardware and software architecture in today’s connected world and describes why designing advanced security in connected devices is more important than ever. […]

AESIN 2015 – Ensuring Automotive System Integrity through Advanced Software Verification

The rising tide of opportunities for electronics in the automotive brings with it various technical hurdles not the least of which is ensuring system integrity. Consider for example ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) where the operating environments are so complex and so diverse that traditional approaches no longer scale. […]

Improving functional safety of automotive systems using virtual prototyping

The increasing complexity of automotive software is challenging the ability of established software testing strategies to demonstrate its functional safety. This article from Tech Design forum outlines how to accelerate software testing through better simulation and describes how to improve the functional safety of automotive systems using virtual prototyping. […]