BBC Radio 4 Today listeners were treated this morning (14/03/2017) to a discussion on how a freezer could potential be used in cyber-attacks. The discussion was not about the new Doctor Who series, but a serious interview of Donald Toon, Director of Prosperity at the National Crime Agency, by a slightly perplexed John Humphrys.  (Listen to the program)

The interview was sparked by a new report on “The cyber threat to UK business”. The reports executive summary refers to how the rise of internet connected devices is giving attackers more opportunity to hack into systems, leading to a significant and adaptable cyber threat to UK business. Hence the discussion on internet connected freezers. The past year has been punctuated by cyber-attacks on a scale and boldness not seen before and the report gives a number of examples.

T&VS has been looking into this topic for several years and is already providing solutions to businesses around the world. For example:

  • Through Penetration Testing Services T&VS can try to attack your device to identify vulnerabilities. A report is written that explains how to fix the vulnerabilities, with re-testing advised. Click to see an Example Vulnerabilities Report.
  • Unfortunately, the security threat landscape is not static as new vulnerabilities and attacks are regularly discovered so T&VS provides an ongoing Security Review of the threat landscape and recommends if and when your device and application software need updating.
  • T&VS also provides Enterprise Mobile Security software that can protect devices in the field, for example, locking down a device so that only certain features can be used and only access an approved list of websites.
  • In-house testing can be a bottleneck and the T&VS Crowdsourced Software Testing services can offer access to 55,000 professional testers in 145 countries, capable of delivering 90-man days of testing in 72 hours.
  • Finally, many businesses need to provide confidence to their B2B or B2C customers. T&VS can provide tailored Client Facing Security Reports or guidance on getting the appropriate certifications against the relevant standards.

The UK government is committed to making the UK a secure and resilient digital nation and T&VS is playing its part.

Just this week T&VS is presenting it’s wide-range of cyber security products and services at Embedded World; and CEO Dr. Mike Bartley is presenting a talk on Securing the Internet of Things at the Cloud Security Expo at the London ExCeL Centre. T&VS is also attending the Future Of Cyber Security Europe Conference to debate the stringent new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation that all companies doing business in Europe will have to adhere to, and how it will effect UK business.

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