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How Continuous Testing in DevOps enables quality in the CI/CD Pipeline

We all understand the importance of software testing and how it transforms the goodwill of the business by enabling delivery of quality product to its clients in shorter delivery cycles. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services help you to establish a cost-effective software testing facility that delivers improved quality, reduces risks and time-to market. [...]

What Is a Smart Home Hub (And Do You Need One)?

The Internet of Things (IoT) initiative that connects smart home devices such as doorbells, lights, locks, security cameras, and thermostats has made it easy for everyone to install and use these gadgets in their homes, but you still need some sort of mechanism to control them. Read More Learn more about how T&VS IoT services and solutions [...]

Why Safety-Critical Verification Is So Difficult

The biggest challenge we have is that every one of us as engineers has been taught how to design something that does what we want. And how do we think of scenarios where it behaves correctly when people do things we don’t want? We are very good at that. Read More Find out how T&VS Hardware Verification [...]

The Importance of Pen Testing for Startups

Security also offers startups a chance to differentiate themselves and find inroads with big companies. Read More Understand how T&VS Automotive services help you protect & defend against latest and future attacks and maintain compliance, eliminate IT security threats, & can reveal how hackers may breach systems.

What Is Inside an IoT Chip?

Many of the coprocessors found on IoT-oriented platforms are designed to do more, often targeted, processing using less power than using software alone on a conventional platform. Read More Find out how T&VS IoT services help to build a foundation of trust, security and safety in the industrial IoT devices.

11 Myths About Verification IP

Verifying the functional correctness of complex system-on-chip (SoC) designs filled with integrated blocks of IP, many based on complicated industry-standard interface protocols, is a difficult task. Read More Find out how T&VS Hardware Verification services help to meet the challenging requirements with respect to performance, flexibility and verify today’s complex designs effectively. [...]

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