Automakers Take On More Responsibility

Carmakers traditionally have left verification, validation and testing of chips and subsystems to their suppliers. As the amount of electronic content increases and the complexity of these systems grows,carmakers are taking on a much bigger role to ensure these components work in the context of other systems. This article discusses about how automakers take more [...]

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The Manual Testing Approach

The ability to automate testing has resulted in job losses within the field of testing and can be compared to job losses due to production line automation. as long as the solution, software or product is going to be used by humans, there will always be a requirement for humans to test the product. This [...]

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Security a prime concern in IoT

The security risks associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) are quite alarming and cannot imagine the havoc that would be unleashed if millions of devices stop functioning or worse are programmed for devastation.This would lead to something fatal and not only financial loss or identity theft. This article discusses about how IoT security becomes [...]

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Protecting the internet of things

With IoT assuming a greater role in daily activities, data theft, disruption of services and takeover of critical equipment become all the more consequential. These transformational innovations provide an entirely new set of cybersecurity targets. This article discusses about how to protect IoT devices from cyber-attacks. Read More Find out how T&VS IoT services help to build [...]

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Generations of Test Automation Frameworks

There are different types of test automation frameworks and need to carefully pick one among them. To complete the process successfully, testers should know the exact requirements. Many organizations are not developing software with waterfall model and not using agile methodologies or combining continuous integration and continuous deployment. This article elaborates how test automation frameworks have [...]

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Penetration Testing: More Than Just Checking a Box

It's become clear that organizations often have misplaced assumptions about what penetration testing should be and what it's meant to do.Penetration testing is a critical step in any IT project.A penetration test is meant to provide visibility and context into what cybersecurity risks are out there. This article elaborates how important is penetration testing in [...]

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Why IoT is the Key to Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous mobility is enabled by another recent technical phenomenon, the internet of things (IoT). Internet-connected sensors in phones, in vehicles, on roads and in buildings will transform how travellers interact with vehicles and how they move and live in the world's urban centres.This article elaborates how IoT technology is going to enable the vision of autonomous [...]

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Coverage Driven Verification of NVMe Using Questa VIP (QVIP)

Functional coverage is an important part in verifying the completeness of an IP. The key to functional coverage is to make an exhaustive verification plan containing coverpoints and crosses which are extracted from the protocol specification. This article outlines the need for coverage-driven verification for non-volatile memory express (NVMe) and how QVIP achieves it. Read [...]

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The Art of Software Performance Testing

In the era of zero-patience for app instability, delivery teams should ensure that their performance testing capability is extremely good.Performance testing examines responsiveness, stability, scalability, reliability, speed and resource usage of a software and infrastructure. This article outlines how performance testing helps to meet the users’ expectations. Read More Find out how T&VS Performance Testing services help [...]

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The Internet of Things and Connected Cars: new opportunities and risks

Car connectivity can enable advanced car features, such as repair/maintenance management, autonomous driving and in-car entertainment. Cars are becoming an integrated part of the Internet of Things. With that evolution comes both risks and opportunities for all companies in the car industry. This article outlines how IoT can improve the automotive technology and what all [...]

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