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Usability testing for effective interactivity

The best interaction design requires meaningful testing. This is quite a challenge because the type of use varies from task to task and from one person to another. From simple question-answering to exploratory research, an appropriate interaction design that fits within the flow of a task is imperative. This article elaborates how usability testing helps to [...]

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10 tips for better mobile application security

Storing a lot of information on a tiny device that fits in a pocket is convenient. Yet, such convenience has some risks to it. People share too much sensitive data with a wide range of services and devices. This article elaborates how to secure a mobile application from outside vulnerabilities. Read More Find how T&VS Application [...]

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How the Internet of Things Can Shape the Future of Home Automation

IoT technology makes it possible to have intelligent, everyday household products which simplifies life by adding a touch of magic to our homes. But, in today’s market, many devices have no security features at all and any means of updating their firmware. This article elaborates how IoT technology shapes the future of home automation. Read [...]

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Incremental System Verification

This article from semi engineering discusses about the implications of having an executable specification that drives verification, how does a PSS model get verified, who will create that model and also what happens when models extend beyond the specification. Read More Find out how T&VS Verification services help to meet the challenging requirements with respect [...]

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3 Challenges of Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) Performance Testing

IoT creates a new technological ecosystem in healthcare, helping organizations manage bottlenecks in care and bridging the gap between patients and providers. The list of applications for connected devices in hospitals keeps growing. Any performance interruptions bear potential risks for patient safety and health outcomes. This article outlines how penetration testing can protect healthcare IoT [...]

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How penetration testing can help secure your company’s infrastructure

Any type of security breach can have an impact and far-reaching repercussions for a company and its customers. This is why comprehensive security testing techniques such as penetration testing are key to safeguarding every business’s infrastructure. This article outlines how penetration testing helps to secure company’s infrastructure. Read More Understand how T&VS Penetration Testing services help [...]

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Smart cities and cybersecurity: What you need to know

Tech giants are building smart cities as a way to improve the quality of life and meet the demands of modern-day urban dwellers. Eventually, smart cities will develop into self-sustaining ecosystems. But before that happens, the system architectures must find ways of making their infrastructures more resilient. As for now, smart cities are vulnerable to [...]

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Automotive Design and Virtual Prototyping

The entire history of EDA software tools has enabled engineers to design ICs and SoCs using virtual prototyping, so most of the people in the industry are familiar with the idea of modeling and simulating something as complex as an IC before actually starting the manufacturing process. This article shows whether engineers can take the [...]

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Overcoming Some Common Challenges in Continuous Testing

It turns out that the most common challenges with continuous testing have more to do with continuity than testing. Customers demand faster, better, and cheaper solutions. This has made it necessary for organizations to adopt transformational QA and mature test practices, like shift left and continuous testing. This article shows what are the common challenges [...]

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