Sandeep Gor ,Staff Application Engineer from Cadence Design System will be discussing at DVClub Bangalore on 9 April on the topic  “ Hardware Software Co verification “ . He explains that Finding issues in the embedded systems later in the design cycles could cause lot of financial damage and sometimes it could be life threatening as applications of embedded systems ranges from home appliances to aeronautics to medical instrumentations. Ever shrinking time-to-market demands reduced product development cycle. These pose new challenges in today’s embedded system development.

To avoid failure later in design cycle and to achieve time to market demand, it became necessary that as soon as silicon comes out, it is very much compatible with software and at the same time, software is also compatible with hardware.

This requires early software development along with actual hardware design. Running early software on RTL design has become a need of an hour rather than a desire. Multicore architecture such as ARMv8 demands a totally new way of doing verification. We’ll discuss about the different challenges posed by this new approach to develop software along with design hardware development.

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