An opportunity to meet and discuss your verification challenges with both verification thought leaders and colleagues from other companies. Speakers from a number of semiconductor companies will lay out their verification challenges.

Geoff Barrett of Broadcom, UK talks about scalability of simulations and hardware/software coverification. The challenges from Christophe Chevallaz of ST, France include system level stimulation and the management of verification data. Martin Ruhwandl of Lantiq, Munich identifies debug. Most speakers identify access to skilled verification engineers as a key challenge. All in all speakers from 12 companies will identify their top three challenges.

See /verification-futures/ for details.

The day is spent identifying solutions to these challenges. Top international speakers including Harry Foster, Mentor and Janick Bergeron, Synopsys will give their view of how verification tools and techniques will evolve to meet the challenges. Every major EDA company will explain how their tools can solve the 36 challenges identified!

There are also over 12 user papers across the three conferences in Windsor, Grenoble and Munich – real verification engineers talking about how they solved their own challenges.

The good news is that the verification conference is free to attend. Why not register for your nearest event and take this unique opportunity to spend a day trying to solve your verification challenges.