Job Description:

  • Programing Languages: TCL, PHP, Selenium, Auto IT, Python, C, xml, html, JavaScript.
  • Developed on OS: Windows and/or Linux
  • Network Knowledge:  IPv6, PPP, PPPoE (authentication PAP CHAP), DHCP, DNS, NTP, VLAN, STP, ATM QoS, Routing, Switching, ATM, IP QoS, DSCP marking, ALGs, NAT, DMZ, Firewall, IGMP, Multicast, IPVPN, tr69 (tr098 model), tr104, SIP, DECT, UPnP.
  • Protocols: FTP, HTTP, TCP , UDP, IP, , TELNET, TFTP
  • Overall Experience: 4+ years
  • TCL/PHP Experience: 2 + years
  • Networking  Automation Testing experience: 2 + year
  • Any script experience: 3 + years

Location: Bangalore, India


  • Highly competitive to match experience and capability

How To Apply Send your CV to [email protected]