Qualification :

MS in computer science, computer engineering, or equivalent with applicable work experience as described below.

Job Description:

Experience should include multiple web site development projects focusing on data analytics and visualization (charts, graphs, tables).  Background in database configuration and optimization is desirable.  Candidates should be well versed in standard web development languages such as javascript, php, python, perl, HTML, and CSS, and, they should have experience integrating third party javascript / JQuery components such as Datatables and visualizations found on d3js.org or similar.  They should have a good sense of design for web page presentation.  Experience using 3rd party “big data” applications such as Mongodb or ElasticSearch databases and Tableau, Qlik, Looker, or Kibana dashboard visualization environments is a plus.

Experience: One position for 8+ years; 2 positions for 2-4 yrs

Job Location: Hyderabad


  • Highly competitive to match experience and capability

How To Apply

Send your CV to [email protected]