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Development and Integration of Supply Chain Management System with IP Based Surveillance and 4G GPS Telematics Devices

About the End User

The End-user is a Government owned company which operates Retail and Fair Price Shops to supply essential commodities (Rice, Wheat, Sugar etc.) for the basic needs of the people living in the state.


T&VS was chosen as a preferred partner to carry out multiple objectives to streamline state-wide logistics which connects various storages, surveillance and software applications across the company for improving the process of generation of reports, memos and financial data via Supply Chain Management tools.

T&VS Solution

In order to track the movement of commodities across the state, T&VS recommended installation of GPS tracking systems in all vehicles used for logistics. GPS tracking is monitored from the end-user’s head office and all regional offices. GPS devices are installed to track the commodity distribution vehicle’s movement throughout the state for more than 3,000 vehicles. An Android/iOS application was developed to track the movement of vehicles and then integrated with Supply Chain Management software also developed by T&VS.
To ensure safety and to avoid losses in commodities, CCTV surveillance was integrated into the solution. The integrated system has more than 3,000 IP based CCTV cameras in all storage centers, regional offices and head office, connected to Network Video Recorders through Video Management Software supporting recorded images and videos with camera number, title, time, date and recording speed visible on the video wall all the times. This IP based surveillance system is integrated to the Supply Chain Management software for live views to check the safety, security and standards conformance at the storage centers.

Benefits to Customer

  •  Saves time and creates a more efficient system of data gathering.
  • All operational programs are integrated into one package, which is easily accessible by customer.
  • Customization of the End-User’s current tracking systems and linked them with multiple software systems.
  • Provision of high-end surveillance recording systems.
  • Creation of operational orders and other process documents which could easily be followed by the End-User’s in-house teams.
  • Essential commodities delivered on-time.

Main Tools and Skills Deployed by T&VS

  • Front End: Angular 7
  • Language: Type Script and C#
  • Back End Development: Visual Studio 2017, DotNet Core API 2.1.1
  • Back End Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM) – 14.0.1000.169 (X64) on Windows Server 2016 Standard 10.0.

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