Case Study

Software Testing for Mainframe-to-Cloud Application Migration

Project Overview

A leading UK software services company was commissioned by a large UK Government Agency to support a modernization project for one of their core operational systems.

The Government Agency planned to replace their existing national mainframe-based system with a new online service with the objectives of significantly reducing the operational costs of the service and improving the service provided to service users around the country. The new online service was to be based on a scalable cloud-based infrastructure (one of the first government services on AWS) that would be both cheaper and easier to operate.

The T&VS Solution

In order to develop the testing approach and guide test activities, the software services company approached T&VS to provide a senior test engineer to join its onsite scrum team at the agency offices. The T&VS senior test engineer worked closely with the development team and project/technical management to establish a practical test approach involving a mix of both exploratory testing and test automation using Selenium and Java. For each sprint, exploratory manual testing was undertaken and new tests were added to the test automation suite to provide a regression test suite that was also executed as part of release testing.

An equally important part of the senior test engineer role was the mentoring of the junior test engineers in the scrum teams.

With support from T&VS, the new solution was delivered on schedule allowing the old system to be decommissioned.

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