Case Study

Delivering OVM Verification IP to Dialog

dialog-logoT&VS’s expertise in the Open Verification Methodology (OVM) and verification IP development meant the company was able to deliver verification IP that Dialog could own long-term and reuse for future chip designs.

When Dialog, a fabless semiconductor company that creates energy-efficient mixed-signal integrated circuits optimised for personal mobile and automotive applications, decided to adopt OVM, they needed to upgrade their verification IP to be OVM compliant. The company chose T&VS to supply that verification IP.

Dialog’s own verification staff were able to create the verification IP themselves but Dialog decided that buying the independent IP from T&VS provided a number of significant advantages.

  • “As part of our advanced verification program, based around OVM, we needed certain verification IP that was OVM compliant. The T&VS company-wide license allowed us to use the verification IP long-term without any license restrictions on how many simulations we could run in parallel.  The T&VS technical staff were able to provide the support that Dialog required to start using the verification IP immediately.  T&VS not only provides the source code but tests too which can be used in the customer IP and SoC verification.  T&VS were very flexible and provided us with good support.  The T&VS staff have worked on numerous IP and SoC verification projects and thus understand the necessity of measuring progress through metrics. Combining this with their extensive knowledge of both OVM and the protocol allows them to deliver VIP that supports the metrics used by their customers.” Stuart Levine, Director of Engineering, Digital Methodology and IP at Dialog.
  • “The Metric Driven Coverage capability built into the T&VS VIP helps our customers to determine the actual protocol coverage. This helps their verification sign-off process enabling them to reduce time to market.” Mike Bartley, CEO of T&VS.

Based on input from customers, T&VS is also in the process of porting their VIP to be UVM compliant.

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