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Automated testing of a location aware workforce management mobile application

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SAADHVI Technology has developed TaskEase, a state-of-the-art mobile platform-based product for managing workforce tasks using location intelligence. Tasks can be managed, assigned to field agents on the move and monitored via a web portal. Agents use an Android mobile app to manage the tasks assigned to them.

SAADHVI had a small internal testing team that had undertaken manual testing of the mobile app but, with regular releases of the software planned, they were keen to put in place an automated test suite which could speed up regression testing and be easily enhanced to incorporate new tests as new functionality was added. To create this, SAADHVI wanted an independent test services provider with strong mobile testing experience.

The T&VS Solution

SAADHVI engaged T&VS to create the automated test suite for the TaskEase mobile app. After acquiring a thorough understanding of the app, T&VS devised a verification approach based on the Robotium test automation framework. The features to be tested were specified and a test plan detailing the activities, schedule and test completion criteria was produced at the start of the project.

Using offshore resources, T&VS helped the SAADHVI Technology successfully automate the majority of their functional testing using Robotium. T&VS also incorporated effective bug tracking mechanisms into the client’s test environment using Bugzilla and used the asureSign tool to provide clear tracking of test status against features.

The T&VS approach has helped the SAADHVI Technology to considerably speed up regression testing of their new software app releases allowing their test team to concentrate on developing more comprehensive tests of new features and get better quality new versions of the app to market earlier. During the course of developing the automated test suite, T&VS uncovered a number of software defects previously unidentified, demonstrating to the SAADHVI the value of taking a methodical approach to testing with pre-defined coverage criteria.

Benefits to customer

  • Managed Test Activity
  • Access to Test Automation Expertise
  • Automated >90% of Functional Testing
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Released to Market Earlier
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