If your company writes or uses software connected to the internet then this breakfast briefing will inform you of the security threats you face, your responsibilities in respect of those threats and practical suggestions on how to discharge those responsibilities.

This breakfast briefing will use real-life case studies, including a $1 billion breach that cost the CIO and CEO their jobs, and what happens when businesses refuse to pay ransoms to criminal hackers that have taken control of supposedly secure systems.

The breakfast briefing was held on Tuesday 20 January 2015 at Bristol, UK (The Engine Shed)

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About the Presenter

PR008-Declan_O’Riordan_TVS_Security_ExpertDeclan O’Riordan is Head of Security Testing at T&VS and winner of the prestigious “Best Paper” and “Best Session” awards at this year’s EuroSTAR conference on Software Testing. Declan has worked for both large and small companies and across a broad range of sectors from insurance and banking to retail and government agencies. Declan is well known for speaking on IT security in general and application security in particular and believes it is both possible and essential for project teams to have a working understanding of security.