Name:Andy Liu
Designation:Senior Verification Engineer
Title:Horizontally and Vertically Reusable AMBA Fabric UVM Environment with AMBA SVT VIP

Abstract:  This presentation describes a vertically and horizontally reusable AMBA fabric UVM environment with Synopsys AMBA SVT VIPs. Three AMBA fabric verification reuse challenges are discussed and solved. First is how to connect the DUT and AMBA VIP; second is how to support the UVM Register Abstraction Layer (RAL) sequence with AMBA VIP; third is how to dynamically configure the AMBA functional coverage. A debug method with AMBA VIP debug tool protocol analyzer is also introduced, it is especially helpful to trace complicated AXI transactions like out of order, read and write wrap and interleave.


Biography:  Andy Liu, a Senior Verification Engineer from AMD, has over 6 years SOC/IP verification experience on video processing chip (Trident), x86 based chip (AMD), arm based chip (AMD). He works with AMD global verification methodology team to promote verification standardization, automation, metrics driven analysis to reduce verification costs, and presents an UVM innovation method at AMD 2014 internal technical conference.  He has 3 years project experience on Synopsys AMBA VIP, and publishes an UVM solution paper in SNUG 2014. He received Bachelor and Master Degrees in Electronic Engineering from Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology.


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