Name:David Hewson
Designation:Senior Engineering Manager
Title:Verifying Verification – Using Open Source to Roll Your Own

Abstract : The availability of commodity computer hardware where a core could cost under £50 and the power of open source simulation tools now allow a cost effective approach to mutation testing.  Simulation tools such as verilator and batch systems such as grid engine allow for large scale simulation clusters to be created and allow an approach to mutation testing which doesn’t require costly EDA tools.  We have leveraged other open source tools for parsing and modifying RTL source code to inject errors into the design and then used the simulation cluster to check that the verification suite correctly detects it.

Biography: David Hewson is a Senior Engineer Manager at Cray Ltd.  With over 25 years’ experience in high performance networking, David is currently a member of Cray’s European research and development centre. Previously he was a founder at Gnodal, a Bristol based Ethernet switch manufacturer and was responsible for software development and ASIC verification.  Before this he was a key member of the team which developed high performance network products at Quadrics and Meiko and worked on the software architecture for ultra-low latency interconnects encompassing the whole product lifecycle. David graduated from Durham University in 1985 with a first class honours degree in Mathematics.

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