Name:Adnan Hamid
Designation:CEO and Founder
Title:Mapping System Coverage Metrics to Traditional Coverage Models

Abstract : Graph-based scenario models provide verification engineers with unique forms of system coverage metrics, including driver coverage for IP blocks, scenario coverage for producer-consumer use cases, resource utilisation and power management coverage. These types of coverage would be very hard to code manually, but are derived automatically from node and path coverage in the graph.

This talk discusses the types of system coverage that can be gathered automatically from a scenario model and considers multiple options, including UCIS, to map system coverage to traditional coverage models. The goal is for the verification team to have a comprehensive view of all coverage metrics, including the ability to roll up results to a single overall coverage assessment.

Biography : Adnan is the founder CEO of Breker and the inventor of its core technology. Prior to Breker, he managed AMD’s System Logic Division, and also led their verification team to create the first test case generator providing 100% coverage for an x86-class microprocessor. In addition, Adnan spent several years at Cadence Design Systems and served as the subject matter expert in system-level verification. Adnan holds nine patents in test case generation and synthesis. He received BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

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