Name:Darron May
Designation:Project Manager of Verification and Coverage
Title:Blending Metrics from Multiple Verification Engines to Improve Productivity

Abstract : Unifying coverage data from multiple verification tools into a common database allows for complete visibility of the verification process.  With the sheer volume of data produced from today’s verification environments there is a real need for solutions to deliver capacity and performance to access and analyse data efficiently.  No single metric that can be used to measure functional verification completeness.  Complex systems demand multiple verification methods, simulation (analog/digital), formal and emulation which means there is a requirement to unify metrics’ and data from multiple tools and verification engines.  Data management is clearly an important foundation for today’s verification environment.

The reality of multiple tools, engines and metrics means the ideal verification database has to support more than just coverage.  It has to have the capabilities to answer many questions posed by the verification engineer, the design engineer, the project manager and all other stakeholders in the verification process.  An open database API, such as UCIS (Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard), allows multiple metrics from different sources and tools to be managed in a common database.

This paper presents an overview of the database and its strengths in the areas of unification, capacity, performance, visibility, analysis, control and extensibility within a verification environment.  Trade-offs will be considered of storing verification data from tens of thousands of tests while ensuring capacity and performance meet the levels to support the largest of today’s verification environments for the core design together with the implications of IP and VIP.

Biography : Darron May’s experience in the electronics industry spans 25 years in Chip & fpag Design & Verification.  As the Product Manager of Verification and Coverage in the Design Verification Technology Division of Mentor Graphics, Mr May focusses on architecting Verification Management solutions based on customer requirements and driving the deployment of the tools worldwide.  He was an active member of the Accellera UCIS committee during the standardization process and also one of the original team who developed the Mentor UCDB API that became the basis of the UCIS standard.

Prior to Mentor, Mr May held positions in the engineering and applications management for Racal-Datacom, Racal-Research, Model Technology Inc and through distribution including Synplicity, Summit Design, TSSI, InterHDL, and Simucad. Mr May holds a HND in Electronic Engineering from Basingstoke College of Technology.

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