Name:John Biggs
Designation:ARM and Chair of IEEE 1801 UPF Work Group
Title:A Brief IEEE 1801 UPF Overview and Update

Abstract : Power has become a critical design constraint for today’s electronic systems. The IEEE 1801 Unified Power Format (UPF) enables specification of power intent to drive both implementation and verification of electronic systems. This talk will give a brief introduction to UPF and provide an overview of the concepts and methodologies fundamental to specifying power intent. In particular it will highlight the benefits of “successive refinement” which enables logical verification independent of physical implementation.

Biography : John Biggs has been involved with ARM developments since 1986 and co-founded ARM Ltd. in 1990. After a number of years working as a VLSI design engineer he went on to form ARM’s Design Methodology Group in 1995. He is currently a Senior Principle Engineer working in ARM’s research group focusing on the development of advanced methodologies for the low-power deployment of synthesizable ARM IP. John holds a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester and is Chair of the IEEE P1801 UPF Work Group.

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