Name:Adam Dale Sherer
Designation:Verification Product Management Director
Title:UVM Status and Plans

Abstract :  The Accellera UVM Working Group (UVM WG) is working on the next update to the standard.  With thousands of trained engineers and thousands of tape-outs, the UVM 1.0 and 1.1 releases of the standard are successful worldwide. The next update, UVM 1.2, will build on this foundation focusing on enhancements that required changes to the APIs which can only be done in an update to the standard, improvements in messaging, and improvements in runtime phasing.  Adam Sherer, Secretary of the UVM WG, will present on behalf of the Accellera group.

Biography :  Adam markets the multi-language verification simulator for Cadence focusing on performance, low-power, and the UVM.  His 22 years of experience in verification and software engineering include roles in marketing, product management, applications engineering, and R&D. He is also the secretary of the Accellera UVM Working Group (UVM WG) which has standardized the UVM.

* MS EE from the University of Rochester, with research published in the IEEE Transactions on CAD

* BS EE and BA CS from SUNY Buffalo

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