Name:Rich Chang
Designation:Product Marketing Manager
Title:Complete SoC Debug Solution – From HW to SW debugging approaches

SoC design involves more than hardware HDL languages is also involves Testbench, Transacion and SW applications. In traditional HDL debug approach , engineers use waveform, source code and schematic to understand and trace the problems exist in the design. But for SoC design, tradition methods don’t provide sufficient information to help engineers to understand the activities in it. To debug a SoC design, it requires different approaches to visualize and trace the information. A complete SoC debug solution should provide capabilities across multiple abstracts. From hardware to testbench, transaction and to the SW which is running on SoC, will need different approaches to debug. Moreover, a seamless integrations among these debugging capabilities can also boost the debug efficiency for SoC design and verification engineers. In this session we will address the different approaches meet the requirements for SoC debug.

Rich Chang is currently Product Marketing Manager for Debug products in Synopsys. Rich joined Synopsys through the acquisition of SpringSoft where he was the technical marketing manager for the Verdi product line. Prior to joining Synopsys he worked for Springsoft as Corporate Support Engineer and Technical Marketing Manager. Rich also received MBA degree from National Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan.

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