Conference:DVClub Europe 2015 (click here to see full programme)
Speaker:Larry Melling, Director Product Management & Marketing for Perspec System Verifier
Presentation Title:Achieving Real Verification Reuse: Software Driven
Abstract:While the bottom-up approach offered by UVM constrained random and coverage driven verification revolutionized IP and unit level testing, it doesn’t meet the requirements for SoC level Verification. To fully address SoC-level verification, a solution needs to allow not only for vertical (IP to SoC) reuse and horizontal (cross-platform) reuse, but most importantly it must provide a way to capture and share use cases and deliver a top-down verification approach. By offering an abstract model-based approach Perspec not only enables capture of use cases, but through abstraction makes reuse and sharing of the use cases easy.

  • Abstract model to quickly capture use cases of complex multiprocessor SoCs
  • Ability to share use cases between domain experts (e.g. coherency and low power)
  • Leverage abstract model for faster debug of complex use cases
BiographyLarry Melling is Director for Product Management and Marketing at Cadence Design Systems, responsible for software driven verification, virtual prototyping and embedded software debug. His background includes 20+ years of experience are in bringing new technology to market, both the Electronic Design Automation and Embedded Development markets with vertical market experience in SoC semiconductor, wireless cellular handset, military and aerospace image processing. Previous positions include senior product management roles at Virtio, Agility, and SAFE Corp.

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