Conference:DVCLUB Europe: SAFETY (Nov 2016)
Speaker:Jörg Große
Organisation:OneSpin Solutions
Presentation Title:Formal fault analysis for ISO 26262 fault metrics on real world designs
Abstract:Safety critical development processes, governed by standards such as ISO26262, include the use of fault correction components that protect the device against Random faults that occur naturally during operation. The verification of these devices to ensure that a high proportion of these faults will be handled correctly is essential, driving a key diagnostic fault coverage metric. Formal verification has proven an important element in this analysis, used both standalone and with simulation. This presentation will discuss methods in use on production devices today, in which high diagnostic coverage may be achieved efficiently using Formal.

  • ISO26262 requires a high proportion of Random operational faults that occur during operation to be managed correctly
  • Formal Verification has proven a highly effective method to drive a high diagnostic fault coverage metric on real designs
  • Using fault injection techniques with formal analysis allows for the safety components to be exhaustively analysed with a minimal level of test creation
Speaker Bio:Jörg Große is the Product Manager for Functional Safety at OneSpin. He has more than 20 years of experience in EDA, functional verification and ASIC design, having served at companies in Europe, the United States and New Zealand.

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