DVClub Europe Meeting – November 2017

Methodologies for Rigorous Safety Verification


Methodologies for Rigorous Safety Verification

Speaker:Ann Keffer, Product Management Director, Cadence Design Systems
Conference:DVCLUB Europe: 28 November 2017
Abstract:Autonomous driving is becoming real. Coming out of the realm of research, autonomous vehicles are now on roads around you. Safety of these vehicles is an important consideration in their design. How do you make sure that the vehicle is safe enough for you to put your loved ones in it? This presentation will illustrate some challenges making autonomous vehicles safer and how we can overcome these challenges.

  • Autonomous driving is becoming real.
  • Safety is key.
  • How do you make sure your chip/SoC is safe?
Speaker Bio:Ann Keffer is the worldwide Product Marketing Director for Cadence Design System’s Verification Group focusing on the automotive market. Ann received her undergraduate degree in computer science and mathematics and started her career at Hewlett Packard as a software developer. After a several years in R&D, she moved into application engineering, then product marketing and finally marketing management. After a long career at Hewlett Packard, Ann led worldwide marketing for two major companies in the automation and a robotics industry. She joined Cadence Design Systems April 2016.
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